❝It’s not you. Sometimes I just shut the whole world out.❞
❝I feel like sabotaging the current system. Why shouldn’t we break the status quo?❞
– Alaska Beatle

For years, I have been unintentionally and continuously gasping in astonishment at all the connections which exist in the world. Simple connections which somehow prove to be of great value and importance after watching this. Such as someone we rarely see pass by as we talk about him. Or an almost buried film or track play a minute after it is mentioned. A bunch of numbers written anywhere or produced by anything which may represent a significant date, a location on the map, a particular time, probably measurements or statistics, not necessarily meaningful to everyone else but a single person. Simple connections which probably make no sense to some people which may have saved the lives of many in exchange for a single and a not really great scene or occurrence. I’ve always kept an eye on these. And I’m more than glad to know someone thinks like I do and more, creates a series out of this simple idea of correlation.

Cheers, Tim Kring. And to my new favorite series.
I literally cried, thinking that maybe, just maybe, the red string of fate may ceaselessly stretch or tangle. But ultimately, only two things matter, it exists and it will not ever break.

❝Embracing all the bursts of spontaneity and urges of change.❞
– Alaska Beatle
❝Nothing mattered much. Nothing much mattered. And the less it mattered the less it mattered. It was never important enough. Because Worse Things had happened.❞
– Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things
A wild, wild world.

What would you rather have? A glazed piece of information or a fact? Sugarcoating or uprightness? When people say something that offends you, do you think about it? Do you start to ponder or do you simply let your own default thinking push it over and think they’re wrong. You say to assure yourself that they don’t know anything.. they don’t know you. Comfort thinking. Is it a little too harsh or is it just the plain truth? When two sides are right, who is wrong? Is there always a wrong side? Usual thinking. How should it be resolved? Can it be resolved? Or should it even be resolved? Many times have I tried to say something which I hoped would get through to some people. Sometimes I try to be discreet about it. But discretion doesn’t always work. You have to be brutal. And truth, only truth, can be brutal enough.

Most people despise situations wherein some persons start to be brutally honest by saying things that they know would hurt. I look forward to those situations. I wish for occurrences which would allow myself to be frank to my friends and family or to anyone. I hope to always be in a place where I am free to speak my mind without hearing negative criticisms and harsh replies saying that I’m rude and I don’t have even a sense of decency. I would want to hear words of gratitude due to the many realizations they have had because of my frankness. I am sick of seeing “nice”, “decent” and “proper” on top of my daily act adjectives. Aren’t you?

There are a lot of times I wish I could write something that really matters. Something that would cause a somewhat like rippling effect of disturbance.. because only then will I know that what I wrote stirred up something that has long been left untouched and unscathed. I despise norms. I am tired of knowing that there should always be a known and specific way of doing things. I feel like sabotaging the current system. Why shouldn’t we break the status quo?

Why do we always think in extremes and with permanence? He’s right because he’s a priest, or rather, a true follower of the lord. Or she’s right because she’s my mother. He’s wrong because he’s a criminal. He has done worse and therefore cannot change. She’s always been loyal, she cannot do that. Someone is always right. Someone is always wrong. Someone is like this and like that, and so he will always be. Parallel thinking. We do because most people do. We say because most people say. We stay on the safe side, knowing there is an existing safe side. A part of me says that if the world would exist without parallel thinking, it would be a wild world. But another part of me asks, “Isn’t it already a wild world?

And then you wonder, what difference does it make? What difference will it make?

❝Wondering about pieces, bits and parts. What’s there to do with a broken heart?❞
– Alaska Beatle